Atk Race R.c.a Ski Touring Bindings Yellow,Red

Atk Race R.c.a Ski Touring Bindings Yellow,Red
Brand: Atk Race
Color: Yellow,Red
Size: One Size
463.49 GBP
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WEIGHT: 90 GRMATERIALS: Alu Alloys, Ti , POMRELEASE: Race settingCATEGORY: race ( ONLY VERTICAL)DESCRIPTIONRCA World Cup Vertical, the best binding for your vertical races!With its only 90 grams, is the flagship of our race series.Meticulously designed in every detail, with essential and elegant line, is the ideal binding for all those skiers for whom every single gram makes the difference.A pure concentration of perfection to get the best performance ever in vertical races.RCA is a real concentration of innovation:left and right hand toe part in order to keep the fixed toe arm always internal side of the skiextreme walking angleeasy handlingMONOLINK ® TECHNOLOGY 2.0, the innovative patented hooking system that represents a big step forward from the technological standpoint in the race industry. The base -plate is ultra rigid and integrates one of the two arms, increasing the stability and stiffness of the entiretoe part.Top performance with regard to the heel part, thanks to a fussy job of our designers who have perfected every detail :the heel cover presents an adjustable rotation hardness stystem ti provide the perfect stability during the yearsRACE SETTING: the side release (Mz) of the binding is fixed at a certain value ( ca.8) , while the vertical release ( My) is fixed at ca.9 . These values have been defined in the years by our athletes team to be the best balance between saftey and stability.ROLLING-IN SYSTEM®: provides a softer heel hooking and eliminates the typical wear and tear of the titanium U springRace bindings need to be mounted in exactly the right position for the boots that they will be used with. Race boots can flex with use and occasionally show minute differences in lengths between batches. For these reasons we can only mount non-adjustable race bindings when these are bought with boots.