Ski Equipment

The Importance Of Gearing Up

Certifiable ski equipment acts as the first key step you can take to safeguard yourself against injuries that may occur when you're tackling sticky slopes. For example, ski jackets act as a shield against harsh elements while providing enough breathability to ensure you are comfortable even when you start to break a sweat.

Once the ski bug has bitten, you'll find nothing more thrilling than a challenging descent as the crisp air smacks your cheeks. The last thing you want as you zip through the icy terrain is to succumb to the risks of a pre-release which may result in a dangerous crash. This is why ski bindings are utilised.

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Ski Equipment

Ski equipment for everyone

This equipment acts as a link between your boots and skis to ensure that your skis stay connected to your boots and release upon higher impact to safeguard you from further injury.

We stock all of the following essential ski equipment:

  • Ski jackets that offer thorough ventilation and warmth
  • Ski bindings that act as a first defense against injury
  • Ski goggles to shield your eyes from harsh conditions
  • Ski masks to protect you from windburn and provide warmth

Ski Gear Provides Essential Protection And Peace Of Mind

We provide top quality, certifiable ski equipment such as ski jackets and ski boots so that you can contently whisk through the polar slopes knowing that you are adequately protected from the elements and far less at risk of succumbing to serious injury whether you're battling France's La Face with a whopping 71-degree slope gradient or the USA's even mightier Corbet's Couloir promising an almost vertical descent at an altitude of over 3000m.

Apparatus For Various Winter Sports

Because ski gear acts as protection against the icy conditions you'll experience, this equipment is equally suitable for other winter sports athletes. This gear is designed to maintain normal temperatures in your extremities such as your fingers, toes, head and ears by combining multiple layers including waterproof fabrics.

If you're a fan of snowboards you will be pleased to know that your ski gear is perfectly suitable for your snowboarding ventures as well. Typically, ski apparel is slightly sleeker in appearance than snowboard gear which is generally bulkier, however, this is purely due to the Olympic history of skiing. Both snowboard and ski apparel and gear are equipped with equivalent features such as the essential waterproof quality mentioned above.

Satisfactory Performance Comes Down to Comfortability And Compatible Ski Equipment

One of the key factors in high athletic performance comes down to the fit of your ski equipment such as ski boots. Any gaps between your feet and boots lead to a decreased energy shift between feet and boots and a slower ski reaction to movements.

Adequate ski reaction is vital, especially when navigating your way through tough courses and terrain. In the same way that adequate fitting ski boots play a role in lowering your risk of injury, it is important that your ski bindings match the type of boots you are wearing and your ideal shoe size to ultimately increase performance and reduce injury.

Some Answers To Your Ski Equipment Related Questions

Our website offers a variety of all the essential ski equipment such as ski jackets, boots and bindings to help boost your slope skills and protect you from the harsh elements.
Because ski gear is designed to protect you from injury and the elements, it’s hard to say exactly which equipment is most important. However, ski boots, bindings, waterproof jackets and pants are highly essential.
Although not all apparel is waterproof, this advantageous feature acts as a repellent against water and ensures that the layers below your jacket, for example, remain dry to the touch so that you are less susceptible to the cold.



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