Marker Smooth Operator M Ski Goggles Purple Green Plasma Mirror/CAT2

Marker Smooth Operator M Ski Goggles Purple Green Plasma Mirror/CAT2
Brand: Marker
Color: Purple
Size: Green Plasma Mirror/CAT2
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Lightweight, Frameless, Flexible - Medium Fit, Panoramic All-Rounders That Can Be Stowed Anywhere. Thanks To Their Innovative Nmt+ Anti-Fog Coating, Smooth Operator M Goggles Don’T Need A Big Plastic Frame Or Vent Holes To Provide Clear, Unobstructed Vision. With Their Cylindrical Lens, Flat Profile And Medium Fit, They’Re Slim And Sit Close To The Face. A Wide Field Of View Gives You An Unbeatable Panoramic View. Smooth Operator M Goggles Are Among The Lightest On The Market. They’Re Very Flexible And Can Therefore Be Stowed Anywhere. They’Re Perfect If You Really Want To Let Rip In The Snow, Whether In The Backcountry Or On The Slopes. An Optional Gold Mirror Cs (Custom Spectrum) Lens Enhances Contrast, Especially Between Whites, Blues And Greys, And Sharpens Details In The Snow.Features:- Ventilation: Markair Vent System- Xdry Face Foam- Superfit Frame Design- Curved Neoprene Case Plus Microfiber BagLens: - Super Anti-Fog Inner Lens- Nmt Optics (3rd Eyelid)Specifications:- 45mm Goggle Strap With Silicon Anti-Slip Coating- 100% Uv A/B/C Technology- Certification: Ce-En-174-2001-Optical-Class-1Technology:Nmt Optics (3rd Eyelid): - Marker Has Developed The Revolutionary Nmt Optics Coating For All Lenses (Except 4:3). It Works Similarly To The Extra Membrane That Many Animals Have To Provide Extra Protection To Their Eyes. Nmt Optics (Nictitating Membrane Technology) Is An Extremely Scratch-Resistant Surface That Always Supplies The Best Possible Visibility. It Prevents Water, Grease Or Dust From Sticking, And Moisture Wicks Away Immediately. Fingerprints, Dust And Sweat Have No Surface To Cling To And Thus Are Easy To Remove. Our Nmt-Coated Lenses Offer Crystal-Clear Visibility For Years.Superfit Frame Design: - Marker Goggles Stand Out For Their Perfectly Fitting Form And Top Functionality. The Shape Of The Goggles Frames And The Materials Used In The Goggles Play A Decisive Role In This. We Manufacture All Superfit Frames From High-Elastic Elastogran (Made In Germany), Which Means The Goggles Automatically Hug The Contour Of The Wearer’S Face. Elastrogran Retains Its Full Flexibility Regardless Of How Cold It Is Outside. The Marker V-Split Nose Also Helps Ensure That These Goggles Fit Like No Other, As They Adapt To The Shape Of The Nose Automatically, And Seal Without Pinching Or Pressing.Markair Channel Ventilation System: - The Map Protectors Featured In The Map Packs And Map Vests Are Layered And Perforated To Allow Maximum Venting And Release Of All That Built Up Steam You Generate While Sending A Kicker Line, Dropping Pillows, Or Racing A Course, All While Providing Level 2 Certified Protection.Xdry Face Foam: - Comfortable And Extra Soft The Xdry Construction Ensures Optimal Fit And Comfortable Wear. The Soft Fleece Layer On The Skin Absorbs Moisture And Transports It To The Outside.Marker Helmet/Goggle Integration: - Helmet And Goggles Must Fuse Together Perfectly To Work As One Optimally Functioning Unit. To Achieve This, Marker Products Are 100% Harmonized With One Another. All Helmets And Goggles Are Designed To Precisely Tune Into The Shape Of The Other Item And Harmonize With Its Lines. This Perfect Adaptation Is A Requirement For Optimal Aerodynamic Performance By Helmet And Goggles. The Markair Channel Ventilation System On The Helmet, Combined With The Markair Vent System On The Goggles, Ensures Top Performance And Air Flow. The Ingenious System For Air Intake And Outlet Vents, Combined With A Network Of Channels In The Helmet, Reduces Significantly Goggle Fogging And Allows The Wearer To Customize The Air Circulation. The Result: The Temperature Within The Helmet Is Appropriate For Both The Exterior Temperature And Skier Exertion Levels.Super Anti-Fog Lens Coating: - New Super Anti-Fog Coating Of The Inner Lens Of The Goggles, Which Offers No Grip To Water Molecules And Reliably Prevents Fogging Of The Lens.Silicon Anti Slip Coating: - The High-Quality, Top-Durability Goggle Straps Distribute The Pressure Around The Head For The Perfect Hold Without Irritating Pressure Points. Thanks To The Heat Applied Silicon Coating On The Interior Of The Goggle Straps, They Sit Rock-Solid On Any Helmet For Slip-Free Performance.Custom Spectrum: - Filters Light Specific For Action Snow-Sports