Gearing Up For A Snowboard Expedition

We're covering all you need to know about gear for snowboards and how to protect yourself against the extreme cold without hindering your comfortability as you sweat it up. First things first, snowboard jackets are designed for breathability despite the composition of various fleece and waterproof layers. They generally allow ventilation for maximum comfort.

A snowboard helmet is designed to protect you from accidental injuries with the added benefit of providing extra warmth. Even the most expert riders have fallen at some point, whether it was due to their own skills or other riders who weren't paying attention and got in the way.

Safety should always be your number 1 concern when it comes to any sport. Whether that means protecting your body from the polar conditions of the slopes or safeguarding yourself from injury.

You'll find the following snowboard variations on our site:

  • All-mountain snowboards for thrilling descents
  • Freestyle snowboards for the all-rounder
  • Freeride snowboards for groomed runs

Snowboard Equipment For Warmth and Safety

When opting for snowboards, riders require a few basic pieces of equipment before they get started. Amongst this is essential equipment that is designed to safeguard riders from injury whether you are a beginner or pro. The key to ensuring that you are adequately safeguarded is to invest in boots that are catered to your preferred ski style and snowboard jackets that provide excellent ventilation so that you don't have to feel cold or uncomfortably hot when you start sweating.

Essential Equipment For Snowboarders

As you descend down the slopes and the icy wind hits your face, you are at a high risk of windburn. This is why it is essential to make use of snowboard goggles which allow for regular visibility while protecting the eyes from the wind and UV damage.

Another essential piece of equipment is the bindings that join your boots to your snowboard. These mechanisms act as a gateway for immediate energy transfer from your legs to your snowboard which helps to ensure quick board reaction to the slightest of movements which acts as a highly essential safety feature. Slowed movement or reaction can result in accidental injury which could easily be avoided with a compatible boot-to-board mechanism.

Invest In Snowboards And Gear That Suits Your Riding Style

You will find different snowboards listed on our site to cater to the style that you prefer. They vary in width, length, flexibility, material composition and offer different features to prevent accidents before they occur such as the sidecut radius of the board for sharper turns.

Last but certainly not least, make sure that you are investing in a snowboard helmet that fits correctly and actually offers you the protection you need in case you fall. A good helmet should hug your head without feeling too tight or shifting back and forth if you shake your head as this compromises your safety.

Answers To Your Questions About Snowboards

What types of snowboards are there?

To cater to different terrains and slopes, you will find freestyle, freeride, all-mountain and split boards listed on our site. All of which are offered by leading brands in the snowboard industry.

What length should a snowboard be?

Snowboard length is generally determined by your height, with most pro snowboarders opting for a board that is approximately 88% of their height in length. Longer boards limit your mobility, increasing your risk of injury.

What is the most important snowboard equipment?

All the equipment listed on our site is essential for safety and comfortability, therefore, getting your hands on gear such as proper snowboard boots, binders, goggles, a helmet and a jacket is all equally important.