KlÄttermusen Ull Backpack 30l Blue

KlÄttermusen Ull Backpack 30l Blue
Categories: Skis, Ski touring, Poles
Brand: KlÄttermusen
Color: Blue
Size: One Size
198.99 GBP
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A lightweight ski touring backpack intended for half day or full day missions. Ull is a well ventilated and ergonomic ski touring backpack, perfect for back country adventures. The backpack can be compressed or extended to fit you needs and is loaded from the top with a chinch closure system that allows one hand opening and closure. The inside of the backpack features a safety pocket for avalanche tools but can also be used for organizing gear. The loop webbing on the outside of the backpack makes equipment attachment easy, like ski poles or an ice axe. Skis are easily attached on the sides of the backpack. Ull backpack allows for maximum movability with its S-shaped shoulder straps. The backplate of the backpack can be removed to achieve an even light weight.Features: - Sternum straps with 4-point attachment for free movement and stability.- Increased stability and improved movements with top tension locks.- Internal safety pocket to keep avalanche tools.- Adjustable size with compression straps.- Side zip allows easy access to your essentials while on the mountain.- Equipment holder allows the attachment of poles and ice axe to the pack.- Pocket on hipbelt for easy access of small items.- Removable back plate to make the backpack even lighter.- Prepared for use with hydration system.- Hip belt with safety closure ensures optimal weight distribution.- Aramid reinforcement.- Padded back with ventilation channels promotes breathability.- Ability to roll the top to compress to keep close to back.- Compatible with the following totes/accessories: AlgirSpecifications: - Weight (g): 850- Dimensions (cm): 58 x 16 x 29 cm- Recommended Max. Load (kg): 8- 270 g/m²- Materials: 65% Polyamide, 22% Polyester, 13% Kevlar® fiberTechnology:- Polyamide (Nylon) is a synthetic fibre made from petroleum, creating an extraordinarily strong and versatile fabric. We use both post-industrial and post-consumer recycled polyamide.- Post-consumer waste is our first-hand choice since we want to encourage people to hand in their worn products for recycling. Post-consumer waste used for recycled polyamide includes discarded industrial fishing nets, old carpets and rigid textiles.- Recycling polyamide adds another layer of complexity to the production process, but the result is a reliable, long lasting fabric that is lightweight, quick-drying and wind resistant, and uses what would otherwise become waste while saving energy and resources. We were the first outdoor company to use recycled polyamide across our entire backpack line in 2009.