Black Diamond Expedition 3 Pole Green 140 cm

Black Diamond Expedition 3 Pole Green 140 cm
Brand: Black Diamond
Color: Green
Size: 140 cm
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Built A Whippet Ready version of our most popular four-season pole for skiing, hiking and hauling loads to advanced base camp, the Black Diamond Expedition 3 WR hooks up with our Whippet and Alpine Whippet accessories (as well as a camera mount and Distance Tent) for ultimate versatility. With dual FlickLocks for a full range of adjustability, this pole fits in your duffle when it’s time to lug your gear to the airport, and the extended foam grip adds comfort. The sticky-rubber, dual density grip-top grabs bindings and buckles with ease for quick adjustments and provides a seamless connection with WR accessories. The Expedition 3 comes with powder baskets, so you can switch them out to match the season and the trip, and the new vari-width strap adds comfort and adjustability while moving through terrain.Features:- Whippet Ready grip is compatible with the following accessories: Whippet, Alpine Whippet, Distance Tent, and Universal ┬╝-20 Adapter (allsold separately)- Four-season extended foam grip with aggressive hooking point for manipulating bars and buckles- Adjustable vari-width strap for ergonomic comfort with or without gloves- Dual FlickLock┬« adjustability- 100 mm (4 in) Powder Baskets- Indexed ferrule for 3/4 basket compatibilitySpecifications: - 100% aluminum: 18 mm (.71 in) upper, 16 mm (.63 in) mid, and 14 mm (.55 in) lower- Collapsed Length: 62 cm (24.4 in)- Display Weight: 280g (9.9 oz)- Size Range: 140- Usable Length: 100-140 cm (39.4-55.1 in)