Atomic Redster Gs Sqs Poles Red 135 cm

Atomic Redster Gs Sqs Poles Red 135 cm
Brand: Atomic
Color: Red
Size: 135 cm
55.99 GBP 78.75 GBP
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Atomic Redster Aluminum SQS is an ultra-quality aluminum pole built for racing - stiff for putting the power down at the top, exceptionally durable to withstand gates, and so light you’ll hardly feel it! It comes with the Atomic SQS Safety Quick Release System for your strap, which releases instantly under tension to avoid wrist injuries. It’s also capped with a new ergonomic grip and premium padded Pro Strap, and has a racing basket and high-grade Wolfram-tip for unrivalled durability to last you season after season. The pole is also compatible with the Atomic toolless hand guard system.Features:- Ergonomic M-Fit- SQS - Safety Quick Release System- Ergonomic Redster Grip (2K)- Hand Guard-ready- Pro Strap- Race Basket (40mm)- Cardbide Tip