Atomic Amt Carbon Poles White 115 cm

Atomic Amt Carbon Poles White 115 cm
Brand: Atomic
Color: White
Size: 115 cm
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Atomic Amt Carbon Is Specially Designed For All-Mountain Skiing - With An Ergonomic Amt Grip That Has Special Ridges For A More Secure Hold. The Poles Themselves Are Made From 4* Carbon So They’Re Light, Rigid And Hardwearing, With An Easy To Use Adjustable Strap.Features:- Ergonomic Amt Grip (1k)- 4* Carbon Pole Technology- Essential Strap- Piste Basket (60mm)- Carbide Tip- Ergonomic M-FitTechnology:Grip Technologies:Safety Quick Release System (Sqs):- The Atomic Safety Quick Release System (Sqs) Instantly Releases Your Strap Under Tension To Prevent Injuries. Then Slide The Sqs Connector Back Into Place And You’Re Ready To Go Again.Different Grips:- What You Want From A Grip Depends On What You Want To Ski. We Offer Different Grips With Dedicated Features For Different Kinds Of Skiing. See All The Details BelowErgonomic Redster Grip (2k):- An Ergonomically Shaped 2-Component Grip For A Firm Hold When Skiing At High Speeds. It Comes With A Screw For Mounting A Slalom Guard.Ergonomic Amt Grip:- An Ergonomically Shaped Grip For All-Mountain Skiing. It Comes In Different Sizes For Male And Female Hands, With Special Ridges For Improved Grip.Fr Grip / Wrapped Fr Grip:- A Longer Freeride - Helping You Climb And Ski In Tough Terrain. On Specific Models The Upper Shaft Of The Pole Comes Wrapped In Tape With A Rubber Top, Creating A Unique Non-Slip Grip That Is Durable And Comfortable.Ergonomic Bct Grip:- An Ergonomically-Shaped, Extended Eva Touring Grip For Comfortably Gripping The Pole Lower Down When Climbing.Ergonomic Jr Grip:- Our Special Grip Designed For Juniors: With An Ergonomic Shape For Smaller Hands, Plus A Special New Elastic Strap That’S Easier To Put On - And Easier To Take Off After A Fall.Shaft Technologies:Ski-Binding Screwdriver:- Designed And Developed With Our Freeski Athlete Chris Benchetler, The Backland Fr Pole Comes With A Ski-Binding Screwdriver (9mm Phillips/Flat-Head) Inside The Shaft! We’Re Particularly Proud Of This One.Telescope:- Our Backcountry Poles Are Telescopic - So You Can Shorten Them To Exactly The Right Level To Match The Gradient Of Your Climb.Shaft Materials:- At Atomic We Use A Star System To Help You Select The Right Pole. Higher Stars Mean More Durability And Lower Weight.Aluminum Pole Technology:- Aluminum Poles Are Extra Durable Poles With High-Tensile Strength.Carbon Pole Technology:- Our Poles Made From Carbon Are Durable Quality Options -Very Rigid, Stiff And Light.Hybrid Poles:- Hybrid Poles Are Made From Selected Top-End Materials For High-Performance Use.Ultra Carbon Pole Technology:- Our Race Poles Are Made From Ultra Carbon Pole Technology. We Offer A Lifetime Unbreakable Guarantee For These Poles.Baskets:- Atomic Offers Baskets To Suit Your Playground, From An Ergonomic Race Basket For Hardpack To A Large Basket For Deeper Snow In The Backcountry.