Amplifi Reactor Back Protector Black XS

Amplifi Reactor Back Protector Black XS
Categories: Brands, Amplifi
Brand: Amplifi
Color: Black
Size: XS
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The Reactor Waistcoat Jr. rocks full back protection with a super-lightweight, vented EXOFLEX back protector for bombproofcomfort. Its strategically integrated, 4-way stretch panels and a discreet hip-belt mean that whatever your body shape orriding position, it fits you like a boss. We protect your kids so they can ride safely and enjoy the spills and thrills!Features:Non-Slip Grip:- Non-Slip Grip guarantees a perfect fit with extra silicone or embossed foam rubber on hem openings. It also keeps your gear in the right place for maximum comfort and protection.Air Circulation:- Air Circulation is AMPLIFI’s specially designed ventilation system for temperature regulation.Adjustable Hip Belt:- The Adjustable Hip Belt is fully adjustable for the perfect fit.Ce-examination:- The CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with strict health, safety, and environmental protection standards. It is mandatory for certain products sold within the European Economic Area.Back Protection:- Back Protection shields a key area of your body for the ultimate in safety.Belt Loops:- Our handy Belt Loops help to keep your back protector in place.Exoflex:- An industry-standard, builtto-last soft-foam protection. The protectors are lightweight, ventilated, ergonomically designed and hand washable. Effective against all kinds of impacts, they can also withstand multiple hitsArticulating Design:- Our Articulating Design concept is inspired by nature to give you total freedom of movement without compromising your safety and comfort.Specifications:- Fabrics: Power Webbing | Non Stick Velcro | YKK zipper | Respiration Mesh- Weight: 350g