Alpina Jump 2.0 Qvm Helmet White L

Alpina Jump 2.0 Qvm Helmet White L
Brand: Alpina
Color: White
Size: L
203.99 GBP 262.52 GBP
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Features:- Superb Fit- Visor Provides Maximum Protection And Maximum Field Of Vision- Quattrovarioflex Technology Guarantees Best Visibility In All Weathers- Polarizing/Contrast Enhancing- Photochromic/Self-TintingTechnology:Uattroflex:- Alpina’s specially developed lens technology offers winter sports practitioners greatly improved vision. The ruby red lens tint reduces the amount of blue in the visible light, increasing the contrast of the snow and allowing the wearer to quickly make out the details of the surroundings.- Thanks to the brightening effect of the lens, the contours and other features of the piste are easier to discern even in difficult weather conditions (e.g. snowfall, fog, diffused light).- A polarising film (see ‘Polarisation’ below) of the highest optical quality grade is integrated in the lens to completethe Quattroflex effect: distracting stray light and glare are filtered out, further enhancing contrast levels. Reflections are reduced to a minimum, making it much easier to see icy areas and dangerous situations and react to them more quickly.Varioflex:- Varioflex is a lens technology which allows glasses to adapt to the weather conditions. The self-tinting photochromic lenses react to visible light, which causes chemical components to ‘open’, producing a two-dimensional, shading effect. If the ambient light becomes less intense, the chemical components close and the lens becomes lighter. The process takes place in a matter of seconds - one lens for a whole range of lighting conditions.