Snoli Waxing Nylon/bronze Brush Red

Snoli Waxing Nylon/bronze Brush Red
Categories: Maintenance, Waxes
Brand: Snoli
Color: Red
Size: One Size
14.99 GBP
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Waxing Brush Nylon/Bronze, perfect for brushing out warm skis and in preparation of the ski waxing process.The combined Waxing Brush Nylon/Bronze (also available: Nylon/Copper) is suitable for preparing the running surface before the application of the ski wax. The bronze part of the brush helps to mechanically clean fine amorphous structures of the running surface, to remove old wax residue and to open microscopic surface structures for the next round of glide wax.Furthermore, the Waxing Brush Nylon/Bronze is perfect for brushing out warm skis. When skis have not been waxed in a long time, you find very small dirt particles within the running surface that become visible after the warm wax has been scraped off. The Waxing Brush Nylon/Bronze enables a less greasy brushing-out process, further ensuring a more effective removal of all dirt particles.The Waxing Brush Nylon/Bronze is a perfect allround brush.Specifications:- Weight: 220 g- Width: 120 mm