Smith Icon Mips Helmet White 59-61 cm

Smith Icon Mips Helmet White 59-61 cm
Brand: Smith
Color: White
Size: 59-61 cm
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Like heightened race-day focus, the Smith Icon helmet brings elevated impact absorption and fit technology to every run. This FIS-approved race helmet gives alpine ski racers the peace of mind to focus on reaching the podium with the angled impact benefits of MIPS® plus the energy-absorption advantage of Koroyd® throughout. Match it to the Smith goggles of your choice for the best airflow and fog-free performance possible.Protection:- Advanced ABS construction for increased impact protection and all-around durability- Complete Koroyd® coverage for lightweight, energy-absorbing and ventilated impact protection- Engineered EPP foam core enhances durability in repeat-impact zones- MIPS® Brain Protection System reduces rotational forces caused by angled impacts to the head- Conforms to FIS RH 213 requirementsFit:- XT2® antimicrobial lining offers sweat-activated odor control- Plush lining and ear pad construction reduces noise interference- Fidlock® strap buckle offers easy one-hand operationIntegration:- Designed for ultimate integration with Smith goggles for maximum comfort and venting- Compatible Slalom Chin Guard sold separatelyFinally, Protection As Progressive As You Are:- Koroyd® provides superior impact absorption, design flexibility, and ventilation when compared to materials traditionally used in helmet construction. By utilizing crumple-zone cylinders that crush uniformly on impact, Koroyd® manages energy more efficiently with less volume than any other protection material on the market. Unlike traditional protection materials, Koroyd® cylinders absorb and convert more kinetic energy, while increasing airflow and reducing overall weight. Not all helmets are created equal.- Developed as an energy absorber in the aerospace industry, cylindrical structures were found to be one of nature’s strongest forms, a form that could offer the greatest impact absorption for a given length. Koroyd® utilizes cylinders to create a structure that behaves differently than traditional protection materials. Traditional materials act like a spring which stores energy and then releases it, Koroyd® is a true energy absorber which converts the kinetic energy by crumpling. This translates into better absorption of impact energy. Features:Complete Protection:- Featuring Koroyd- Tough, lightweight and low profile Hybrid shellZonal Protection:- Dual regulator adjustable ventilation- Helmet compatible- Zonal Protection- Tough and lightweight- Single regulator adjustable ventilation- Traditional Helmets- Traditional ProtectionTraditional Protection:- Lightweight- Single regulator adjustable ventilationEngineered Absorption:- Koroyd’s welded tubes crumple instantly and consistently on impact, absorbing maximum force in a controlled manner, minimizing energy transferred to your head.Engineered Protection:- Air flows consistently through the open-cells, whilst hot air from your head can easily escape, ensuring more efficient cooling in the most intense conditions.Full Breathability:- Koroyd features the world’s thinnest walled tubes, resulting in a structure which is 95% air. This reduces weight and enhances comfort without compromising on safety.Specifications:- Weight: 700 g