Skins Series-5 Womens Long Sleeve Top - Teal

Skins Series-5 Womens Long Sleeve Top - Teal
Categories: Skis, Skins
Brand: Skins
Color: Blue/turquoise
79.99 GBP
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The women’s Teal coloured SKINS SERIES-5 Long Sleeve Top has been designed to boost your training sessions and recovery. The SERIES-5 Long Sleeve Top enables you to train longer and recover quicker across everything from gym work and obstacle courses to field and racket sports. Made with SKINS highest level of compression, focussed on the arms to maximise chest expansion and assist blood return to the heart, while delivering essential support to the forearms and biceps. The Long Sleeve Top dynamic gradient compression delivers more oxygen filled blood to active muscles to increase power and stamina. Fast wicking technology transports moisture away from the skin and helps regulate body temperature. FEATURES - Our highest level of compression for reduced fatigue and increased performance - Mesh panels on thorax and spine for maximum comfort, wicking and temperature regulation - Gold reflective logos and stitch seam - 76% Nylon 6.6, 24% Elastane - Manufactured