Sinner Pace Sunglasses Pink Sintrast Trail/CAT3

Sinner Pace Sunglasses Pink Sintrast Trail/CAT3
Brand: Sinner
Color: Pink
Size: Sintrast Trail/CAT3
60.49 GBP
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The SINNER PACE sports sunglasses are equipped with our newest lens technology:SINTRAST® lenses.The lenses not only eliminate high energy of blue light and filter 100% UV light, this lens technology is a combination of colour highlight and colour contrast.SINNER SINTRAST® lenses provide high clairity, high contrast, enhance details and are comfortable to your eyes.This shield model ensures a wide view without any distortion and maximum protection for your eyes.The green adjustable anti-slip rubber nose pads and the rubber temples ensure a good fit and make sure they stay on your face.PACE sunglasses are specially designed for a good view on the road.This means that the SINTRAST® ROAD high contrast lenses colour filter technology is focussing on ground texture.These mirror category 3 lenses can be used for both cycling and trail.SINNER Free Insurance:After registration your sunglasses are 1 year free insured against theft, loss and damage.