Salomon Husk Helmet Blue 53-56 cm

Salomon Husk Helmet Blue 53-56 cm
Brand: Salomon
Color: Blue
Size: 53-56 cm
58 GBP 87.51 GBP
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Designed for those looking to maximize their comfort and style without much adjustment and fuss, this lightweight, minimalist helmet makes it easy to enjoy the mountain. Its sharp design is packed with safety and ventilation features, and the fit makes it comfortable from the get-go. Put it on and instantly be ready to embrace your next adventure!Benefits:Protection:- This helmet combines a Thinshell shell with Salomon’s patented EPS4D technology to maximize energy absorption and protect you from oblique and vertical shocks.Optimal ventilation:- The strategically placed air-vent creates a continuous airflow that keeps your head comfortable and helps your goggles stay fog-free.Adjustable fit:- The MaxFit construction offers instant comfort and better hearing, while the Custom Dial and seamless goggle integration will make you feel ready to go within seconds.Features:EPS4D:- Salomon’s patented EPS4D technology maximizes energy absorption and protects from oblique and vertical shocks.Integrated Custom Dial:- The adjustable dial fit system for quick and easy adjustments is now integrated in the liner for optimized fit and durability.MaxFit Construction:- This completely redesigned V-shaped ear pad construction immediately ensures a perfectly snug and comfortable instant fit.In-mold construction:- A lightweight PC shell fused with EPS liner to maximize protection and comfort.Thin shell technology:- An extra thin Injected ABS shell for durability and impact resistance with the weight of In Mold.Active ventilation:- Allows you to modify the airflow and heat exhaust.3D sound system earpads:- A new, 3D perforated ear-pad construction that allows better sound transmission.Advancedskin activedry:- Quick drying material to keep your skin dry.Removable/washable:- For better hygiene: an easy to remove, 100% washable liner.Alpine CE-EN1077/ASTM F-2040:- Certified organizations which are accredited to test and certify products to European (CE) and US (ASTM) safety norms. This product is certified for skiing.Specifications: - Weight: 350 g- Fit: Oval- Franchise: HUSK- Playground: Backside