Salice 102 Darwf Ski Goggles Blue Darw Blue/CAT3

Salice 102 Darwf Ski Goggles Blue Darw Blue/CAT3
Brand: Salice
Color: Blue
Size: Darw Blue/CAT3
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102 is one of the last born in the Salice house.Simply captivating, the mask is appreciated for its compactness and aesthetic cleanliness, with the full-face cylindrical lens.Another very modern piece from the latest collections, the 102 has simple yet enjoyable features under the banner of a dynamism that emerges from a minimal design, free of excesses.Designed according to the highest standards and with the use of the best materials on the market, the goggle has the advantage, as is the hallmark of many Salice models, of being ideal to satisfy the taste of the enthusiast and the needs of the professional sportsman.Wide, for an excellent view, it is very comfortable to wear, lending itself to the face in an absolutely perfect and comfortable way thanks to the hypoallergenic velvet.The big news that the 102 brings with it are the interchangeable side clips that with a simple and quick gesture allow you to change the color combination of the mask.The 102 has a cylindrical lens and is an all mountain goggle, that is to say for everyone.Once again, over the glasses (otg) is not negligible:it can also be worn over prescription glasses.It has a RW by ZEISS mirrored lens in polycarbonate with UV protection 400 nm, anti-scratch and anti-fog, which reduces the reflected rays of light and increases the filtering properties in order to have perfect visibility in all weather conditions.Also on the new 102 the modern and technological lens variant is given by the RWX by NXT® winter technology.The innovative winter technology gives optimal vision on the snow, solving the problem of photochromic lenses that darken at low temperatures even in low light conditions.Produced by Essilor, it is developed on the basis of the most advanced photochromic technology and provides the right level of protection as it adapts to any light intensity while protecting the eyes from 100% UV rays.It goes from category S1 to category S3:from a subtle sheen, when not activated, to an intense blue appearance in brighter conditions.Then there are four other types of lenses available for the 102:RW Clear, Radium, CRX Polarflex and Quattro.All lenses with really important features.The CRX Polarflex absorbs light reflections eliminating the sensation of glare.the Quattro, which takes its name from its S4 category, is developed for the high mountains with a double anti-fog lens that guarantees depth and protection in the most extreme situations.In the DA version with double antifog lenses, the choice is between orange and pink depending on the frame.Finally, the color combinations offer a vast range of opportunities.Lenses and elastics are a mix, as always, of all style, from the sober to the most eccentric, with the large Salice lettering right on the elastic to complete the impact vision.Twelve combinations are available, in addition to the two versions with the tricolor elastic from the ‘‘Centennial’’ line.The 102 mask, thanks to the shapes and colors in which it is presented, is as a unisex model.Available colors:White RW yellow, white RW red, black RW silver, black RW red, white RW irex, black RW gold, white RW blue, white RW gold, white RW silver, black RW blue, black RW green, black RW yellow.