Plum R150 Ski Touring Bindings Red,Black

Plum R150 Ski Touring Bindings Red,Black
Brand: Plum
Color: Red,Black
Size: One Size
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In search of altitude in competition or skiing adventures the R150 is for you. Extremely versatile, this binding for touring light has already proved itself in competition as well in ski tours and deep snow. Easy to use and ultra performant, vertical gain won’t scare you anymore! With the R150 you can finally go light without sacrificing safety, lateral and forward release of 8, non-adjustable. The heelpiece can be pivoted to be flat (rotation 90 degrees), or have a rise of 36mm. The locking lever was specifically studied for ease of use, and the latest PLUM technology allows?TOO Facile? step-in thanks to the proximity of the toe pins. This binding is compatible with numerous accessories: crampon slots, PLUM crampons, 40 mm plate adjustment , titanium forks, offset heel block?Bindings conform to ISMF standards. Bindings guaranteed 3 years.Specifications:- Heel Risers 1 heel riser height (38 mm)- Forward release security (DIN) Forward release equal to 8, not adjustable- Lateral release safety (DIN) Lateral release equal to 8, not adjustable- Crampons slot Plum removable crampons slot included.Race bindings need to be mounted in exactly the right position for the boots that they will be used with. Race boots can flex with use and occasionally show minute differences in lengths between batches. For these reasons we can only mount non-adjustable race bindings when these are bought with boots.