KlÄttermusen Brage 2.0 Overall Beige S Man

KlÄttermusen Brage 2.0 Overall Beige S Man
Categories: Snowboards, Boots
Brand: KlÄttermusen
Color: Beige
Size: S
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Features:- Two big leg pockets, closing with Zip and KM Toggle and D-ring- Mobil pocket inside right leg pocket- Drop seat function- Two way ventilation zips along back thigh- Adjustable bottom hem, fits with ski boots and Snowboard boots- Snowgaiter inside of bottom hem- Waist slightly highten for protection- Loops around waist for belt attachment- Detachable suspenders- Duracoat as reinforcement on knee and seatSpecifications:Composition:- Oculus® - 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester, 173 g/m²- Reinforcement - Duracoat™ - Knee, bottom hem and rearPerformance:- MFR (Mass Flow Resistance) 10- Water Column >20 000 mm- Moisture Vapour Permeability >20 000 g/m2/24h- Flourocarbon-free product Yes- RECCO® Rescue Reflector 1 pcs- Weight 905 gTechnology:Durable Water Repellent:- Durable water repellent - commonly referred to as DWR, is a treatment which creates a water repellent (hydrophobic) surface on a fabric. The water repellent prevents the fabric from becoming saturated with water which both affects the function of the garment and the user experience. All types of DWR become less effective over time, because of wear, washing and ultra-violet radiation from the sun. This degradation over time requires re-proofing the fabrics which can be performed at home using wash-in or spray-on DWR. Klättermusen uses DWRs 100% free of fluorocarbons. We were the first outdoor company to completely remove PFOA (one of the most hazardous fluorocarbons) from all garments already in 2008. Fluorocarbons are commonly used because they technically are effective - however, they are also an endocrine disruptor proven to cause reproductive harm. Fluorocarbons present a growing problem in nature and the outdoor industry which professes to care about nature.Recycled Polyester:- For over a decade we have been working with recycled polyester, which creates a net benefit from a sustainability perspective. The recycling process is significantly less harmful than virgin polyester production while material that would end up in a land-fill is put to good use. The process reduces water, air and soil pollution and saves energy compared to virgin polyester manufacturing, and reduces existing waste. Our recycled polyester is made from post-industrial waste and post-consumer PET-bottles, which makes it a double win. The resulting fabrics not only match but out-perform fabrics made from virgin polyester. Our process replaces virgin resources with superior know-how to create a wider benefit in both performance and sustainability.Oculus®:- Polyesters for Smooth Performance Polyester has some unique qualities that makes it attractive for outdoor use in both apparel and packs. Oculus® are the polyester based fabrics we use for apparel, while Molle® describes the corresponding materials in packs.Cutan:- Cutan® is a proprietary Klättermusen waterproof and ventilating technology developed to improve on existing fabrics both in performance as well as sustainability by developing PTFE-free membranes to become fluorocarbon-free in production. Cutan® fabrics are soft, flexible, have great stretch and are fluorocarbon-free. Cutan® Super Stretch consists of three layers: an inside layer in polyamide, a waterproof polyurethane membrane in the middle and an outer fabric of polyamide and stretch fiber. The three fabric layers are laminated together into one single fabric. Cutan® Stretch RP consists of three layers, an inside fabric in polyester, a waterproof polyester membrane in the middle and an outer fabric of 100% Recycled Polyester (RP). The three fabric layers are laminated together into one single fabric. Cutan® Stretch RP is 100% recyclable.Duracoat™:- Duracoat™ is a unique proprietary surface treatment that Klättermusen has developed to improve durability in high-abrasion areas. It is a coating that is applied to particularly vulnerable places such as the shoulders or elbows, increasing wear resistance by up to five times. Duracoat™ is a surface treatment, meaning that no extra seams or layers of fabric are added, while keeping it very flexible. Durability is improved without increasing the weight of the garment or weakening the fabric with seams. The cut and construction is kept intact as Duracoat™ doesn’t distort the shape or impede movement in any way, making it ideal for the agility required by mountaineers. Duracoat™ has become a symbol of both the scientific know-how and innovative thinking of the Klättermusen tradition.