Eisbar Comfort 2 Pack Socks Blue EU 31-34 Boy

Eisbar Comfort 2 Pack Socks Blue EU 31-34 Boy
Categories: Skis, Skins
Brand: Eisbar
Color: Blue
Size: EU 31-34
15.99 GBP 16.18 GBP
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Fully insulated winter socks for kid Eisbär SKI COMFORT 2 PACK are extremely warm and comfortable. Ideal for sports activities and everyday use.Features:- Merino wool- Comfortable fabric- High cutSpecifications:- Material: 38 % merino wool, 38 % acrylic, 22 % polyamide, 2 % elastaneTechnology:Merino is one of the oldest and heaviest breed of sheep. Merino sheep distinctly differ from regular sheep that chew grass in lowlands. They live in demanding conditions of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. Regular breeds wouldn’t survive here, but Merino sheep is prepared for the extremes. Merino wool is breathable in summer and insulates in winter. It is extremely soft and lightweight. SOFT:- Traditional wool may feel itchy to the skin due to its coarse fibre structure. Merino fibres are ultra soft and don’t cause irritation. WARMS:- In cold weather, Merino wool absorbs moisture from the surrounding environment to produce heat through a process called heat of sorption. The fibres contain millions of air pockets that perfectly retain heat. COOLS:- In warm weather, Merino keeps the skin cool by transporting sweat away from the skin to the surface of the fabric, where it easily evaporates thanks to the large surface area. Breathable properties of the wool allow for easy vapour evaporation so your skin stays dry. DRIES:- Merino transports moisture away from the skin to the surface of the fabric where it easily evaporates. The fibre can absorb up to 30% more moisture than is its own weight before the fabric starts feeling wet. Merino dries very quickly, even though not as quickly as synthetic fabrics. LIGHTWEIGHT:- Merio has excellent balance between its weight and thermal insulation. Soft and lightweight fibres deliver more warmth than a heavy sweater. BREATHABLE:- Wet synthetic fibres feel wet to the skin, because the moisture can escape only through holes in the fabric. Merino fibre keeps on breathing to prevent overheating. ODOUR RESISTANT:- Thanks to the natural antibacterial composition, Merino resists to bad odours and can be worn over the course of days or weeks without washing. FLAME RESISTANT:- Wool is one of the least flammable fabrics. It is self-extinguishing and doesn’t melt as synthetic fibres do. With Merino wool garments, no campfire will harm you. UV PROTECTION:- Merino features UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Rating) of minimum 50, which is considered the best UV protection. Merino provides higher protection than cotton and most synthetic fibres. EASY MAINTENANCE:- Elastic Merino can be machine washed and dries fast. Do not tumble dry and iron. ANTI-STATIC:- Merino doesn’t feel uncomfortably on the skin by creating static electricity.