Dynafit Hoji Pu Touring Boots White 23.0

Dynafit Hoji Pu Touring Boots White 23.0
Brand: Dynafit
Color: White
Size: 23.0
262.99 GBP 428.8 GBP
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A new member for the HOJI family:intuitive closure system for the conservative target user but the same toplevel skiability.A new member of the HOJI Family:HOJI PU W.Just like the HOJI PRO TOUR, the HOJI PU W boasts not only the Dynafit-patented Speed Nose and Master Step inserts, but also a 3-buckle system.The significant difference is in the closure system:The HOJI PU W does not come with the patented HOJI LOCK System, but with what we call the HOJI Single Lock System.That means the strap is not connected to the rear lever and thus must be latched separately to switch to downhill mode.An additional difference is in the materials:The HOJI PU W is approximately 1000 g heavier than the HOJI PRO TOUR and has a slightly lower flex of 110.The last width is 103.5mm.The HOJI PU is compatible with the Cramp-in crampons.