Dynafit Blacklight Pro 30l Backpack Black

Dynafit Blacklight Pro 30l Backpack Black
Brand: Dynafit
Color: Black
Size: One Size
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The Blacklight Pro Unisex backpack is made of powerful DYNEEMA, offering impressively high performance for alpine ski tours at just 540 grams.The Blacklight Pro 30 is the high-end version of the DYNAFIT Expedition backpack.In order to equip this model for use in extreme conditions, developers turned to the strongest fiber in the world:DYNEEMA.DYNEEMA boasts minimal weight and maximum durability.It is 30 percent lighter than for example nylon and 15 times stronger than steel.With these properties, the fabric is ideally suited for demanding alpine tours where the daily program includes scraping against rocks and changing weather conditions.The Blacklight Pro 30 backpack combines maximum function with minimalist design.A roll-top construction functions simply, intuitively and quickly, which is extremely important on technical terrain.Its roomy 30 liters of volume mean the Blacklight Pro 30 has all kinds of space for your gear for ski or multi-day tours.You can quickly and easily increase or decrease the volume as needed with the roll-top construction.You have access to everything you need in no time via the side zipper.On the exterior, the Blacklight Pro 30 offers numerous attachment possibilities for ice axe, rope, skis, carabiners or other gear.Blacklight Pro 30 - Your strong partner for grand adventures.