Crosslinq® Acupressure Cross Patches - Large

Crosslinq® Acupressure Cross Patches - Large
Categories: Skis, Skins
Brand: Crosslinq
Color: Beige
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CrossLinq®️ (Crosstape) are non-elastic, grid-shaped tapes that are produced in our own factory in South Korea. CrossLinq has a skin-friendly acrylic adhesive layer. These tapes are mainly used on (local) pain points, trigger points and acupuncture points. When applying to pain points you can easily apply the CrossLinq®️ yourself, however, application to trigger points and acupuncture points requires specific knowledge. What is CrossLinq®️ and what does it do? Grid-shaped, electrostatically charged tapes that lift blockages, reduce or even remove pain and ailments. How does CrossLinq®️ work? Our body is electrostatically charged and is connected to the outside world through our skin. The skin is a complex organ with thousands of receptors. This means that we do not only signal what is happening outside the body; cold, heat, pressure, but also what happens inside; stress, nervousness, anxiety. The skin reacts visibly through redness, goosebumps, sweating, etc. The skin is