Cairn Centaure Rescue Helmet White S

Cairn Centaure Rescue Helmet White S
Brand: Cairn
Color: White
Size: S
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The 100% safe freestyle helmet.Features: - RECCO reflector integrated in the shell- Fixed ventilation- OSS earpads- Adjustment wheel- Integral padding with soft fleece- Removable and washableSpecifications: - Weight: 410gTechnology: In-mold:- In-mold helmets are the lightest on the market. For this type of helmet, the internal EPS is directly injected into the polycarbonate shell, thermoformed beforehand. The two layers are inseparable and distribute the shock over the entire surface for optimal absorption and protectionRECCO®- For years, Cairn and RECCO® have been working together to develop safer helmets.- RECCO® technology makes you searchable to professional rescuers in the event of an avalanche accident. The two-part technology consists of RECCO® reflectors that are integrated into our helmets and RECCO® detectors are used by more than 700 organized rescue groups worldwide. Together they enabledirectional pinpointing of a victim’s precise location using harmonic radar but are not a substitute for a transceiver.- Complementary in function, the technology is an additional tool that does not interfere with transceivers, avalanche dogs, or probe lines. RECCO® technology facilitates a faster organized search and increases the chance of being found in time.