Atomic Savor Visor Stereo Helmet Red S

Atomic Savor Visor Stereo Helmet Red S
Brand: Atomic
Color: Red
Size: S
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Want to ski stress free? Simplify. Atomic Savor Visor takes two essential items, your helmet and goggles, and makes them one - part of our Savor mission to make skiing easier and more enjoyable. The helmet is constructed around a Holo Core which provides supreme protection while staying light and cool. Adjustable Visor Settings allow you to wear glasses underneath if you want. Stereo Lens Technology with nine layers of mirror coating offers 100% clarity and protection from glare and fatigue - up there with any top goggles. While Live Fit instantly adapts to your head and a height-adjustable 360° Fit System provides a snug fit all day. One of the most adaptable visor helmets on the market. Features:- Adjustable Visor Setting- Stereo Lens Technology- Active Aircon Venting- Holo Core- Live Fit- 360° Fit System- 3D Molded Ear Pads- Removable and Washable Full Cap Lining- 3M™ X-Static Lining- Audio Compatible Ear Pads- Helmet BagSpecifications:- Ski Size: 175- Tip Width (mm): 136- Waist Width (mm): 107- Tail Width (mm): 123- Radius (m): 17.5Technology:Amid:- AMID stands for Atomic Multi-directional Impact Deflector and is our own development. It’s a revolutionary dual-density foam system which is fixed to the helmet’s core and free to move in all directions. This means better protection against impacts from all directions - as the foam cushions energy right at impact, then continues to deflect energy away from the head through its movement. By absorbing energy through the whole impact, it provides a new level of protection, whether the impact is high speed or low speed, direct or angled.40% Higher Impact Protection With Amid:- AMID is a revolutionary dual-density foam system that provides up to 40% higher impact protection than industry safety standards.Holo Core:- Crumple zones are designed to absorb the energy from the impact during a collision by controlled deformation. The driver stays mostly unhurt. The impact absorption is 30% higher than CE requires.Helmet Construction - Layer By Layer:- It’s all the features and every detail of our helmets that make them really stand out. Here you can see the different layers - providing instant supreme protection, individual fit, and ultimate comfort.CONSTRUCTION TYPES:Abs Hard Shell Construction:- Hard-shell helmets are constructed primarily from ABS plastic. This outer shell gets bonded to the EPS core for a two-piece construction that provides high durability and ultimate high-impact protection.In-mold Construction:- In-mold helmets are constructed directly in the mold. The EPS foam is molded into the PC shell, which results in a very safe and light construction.Hybrid Shell Construction:- Hybrid shells combine the best of both worlds in helmet construction. The upper part is ABS hard-shell for extra stability and protection. The lower part is in-mold to keep the weight down.FIT AND LINING:360° Fit System:- This progressive 360° Fit System enables you to fine-tune the helmet not only to your head size - but also your headshape. For 100% personalized comfort.Size Adjustment:- All our all-mountain helmets can be adjusted by a dial at the back of the head. This lets you manually fine-tune your fit, including height adjustment of the reel.Live Fit + 360° Fit System:- The combination of Live Fit and our new 360° Fit System offers you the best adjustment possible - for a fit that’s fine-tuned to your head size and molded to your headshape.3m™ Thinsulate X-static Lining:- This new high-performance lining provides unparalleled anti-microbial and anti-odor properties.Ear Fit System:- The Ear Fit System is a special ear pad closing system we use for our Junior helmets that works with a draw cord, keeping the ears warm and protected.VENTILATION:Aircon Venting:- Aircon is our most advanced cooling system yet. The Holo Core offers wider and more air channels through each layer of the helmet which gives hot air room to escape and adjustable vents actively suck heat away from the head.Active Dual Zone Venting:- Active Venting allows skiers to actively control the air flow around their head, with separate sliders over the vents in the front and back of the helmet.Passive Venting:- A built-in system without adjustment. Basic but effective, it creates a constant air flow over your head all day long, keeping you cool without making you freeze.Helmet-goggle Interface:- All our goggles have frames to fit our helmets. And all our helmets are shaped to work with the goggles. That said, there are combinations that just work perfectly - in terms of fit, ventilation, and - of course - looks.