Atomic Savor Hd Replacement Photochromic Lens Pink Pink Cooper/CAT3-2

Atomic Savor Hd Replacement Photochromic Lens Pink Pink Cooper/CAT3-2
Brand: Atomic
Color: Pink
Size: Pink Cooper/CAT3-2
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A classic double lens for our Savor goggles, Atomic Savor HD features our HD technology and a pink-copper mirror ideal for sunny to slightly cloudy weather. The Atomic Savor HD lens is a cylindrical double lens specially designed for our Savor goggles. It features HD Lens Technology which maximizes the contrast in high-definition and gives you great sense of depth. In addition to multilayers, it uses crystals in the lens to divide white light into its six spectral colors and as a result, to perform in a wider range of light conditions. This double lens has a pink base tint and is coated with a multi-layered copper mirror that enhances color definition and protects you from glare and eye fatigue in sunny to slightly cloudy weather conditions.Features:- Cylindrical double lens- Hd lens technology- Anti-fog inner lens (AC)- Cylindrical Double Lens- HD Lens Technology- Anti-fog Inner Lens (AC)- Stereo Lens Technology- Supreme Anti-scratch Outer Lens (PC)- Hydrophobic Lens CoatingInside atomic lenses:Lense construction:- FDL is the next-generation for double-lens construction: it uses lamination instead of connecting the lenses with an additional foam layer, which means a larger field of vision, and no refractions, reflections or fogging. All our Fusion Double Lenses are of optical class 1.Cylindrical fusion double lens:- With the cylindrical double-lens the field of vision gets larger by 15%Spherical fusion double lens:- Spherical double-lenses have a 20% larger field of visionHd lens technology:- HD (High Definition) technology gives crystal clear visibility in all light conditions. Crystals in the lens divide white light into its six spectral colors. The lens then enhances the sensitive ones, so you see everything in high-definition contrast and get a greater sense of depth, making these the best performing lenses in the widest range of light conditions.Stereo lens technology:- Nine layers of high-end mirror coating increase protection from glare and reduce eye fatigue - with the colors and coatings perfectly balanced for 100% clarity.Photochromic lens technology:- Our photochromic lenses respond to changing light conditions by adjusting the level of tint. When it’s dark they get lighter. When the sun comes out they get darker to protect you from glare.Flash lens technology:- Flash lens technology includes one layer of high-quality mirror coating.Classic double lens:- Our classic double-lens goggles use the classic construction - this features an anti-fog inner lens (AC) and an anti-scratch outer lens (PC) connected with a foam layer.More lens features:Optical class 1:- All our lenses feature class 1 optics - minimizing distortion and eye fatigue. They’re 100% UVA/B protective and comply with highimpact resistance standards8 x anti-fog inner lens (ac):- The inner lens of all our FDL lenses offers up to 8x more anti-fog properties than industry standards, withstanding fogging for over 240 seconds in controlled lab tests (vs. the standard test length of 30 seconds).Hydrophobic lens coating:- A durable coating that repels moisture, grease and dirt. Water drops roll off and disperse without streaking, while fingerprints can be easily removed.Supreme anti-scratch outer lens (pc): - Our quality double lenses have a hard coating on the outer lens with excellent anti-scratch properties so you’ll always have a clear view.Lens categories:- Cat 0 (Night): These lenses are a pale color or appear as a very light tint. They allow 81% to 100% of visible light through the lens.- Cat 1: These are slightly tinted and allow 43% to 80% of visible light through the lens. Recommended for low light in winter or overcast days.- Cat 2: These allow 18% to 42% of visible light through the lens. Effective protection in average sunlight conditions.- Cat 3: These are perfect for most conditions and will provide excellent protection from the sun. They allow 8% to 17% of visible light through the lens.Lens shapes:Cylindrical lens:- Cylindrical lenses curve horizontally while remaining flat vertically. They’re high quality polycarbonate double lenses with awesome clarity and a cool mirrored finish. Our cylindrical lenses are all injected lenses.Spherical lens:- The spherical lenses curve horizontally and vertically around your face, giving the goggles a cool bubbled look. They also offerbrilliant clarity and field of vision. Our spherical lenses are all injected lenses.