Atomic Redster Rs Sqs Poles Orange 120 cm

Atomic Redster Rs Sqs Poles Orange 120 cm
Brand: Atomic
Color: Orange
Size: 120 cm
55.49 GBP 78.75 GBP
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Made with light, strong aluminum and with an upgraded ergonomic grip, the Atomic Redster RS SQS ski pole is a versatile racer for every level of competition.If you need one versatile racing pole for all the racing you’re doing, Atomic Redster RS SQS is a great choice. The lightweight shaft is made from aluminum with a super high-tensile strength that isn’t going to break if it gets knocked about. The Atomic SQS Safety Quick Release System instantly releases your strap under tension to prevent injuries. You get a newly upgraded ergonomic grip for a firm hold at speed. A 40mm Race Basket is ideal when the snow’s packed down hard, and the pole comes ready to fit the toolless Atomic hand guard system.Features- Ergonomic M-Fit- SQS - Safety Quick Release System- 5* Aluminium Pole Technology- Premium Strap- Hand Guard-ready- Ergonomic Redster Grip (2K)- Race Basket (40mm)- Cardbide Tip