Atomic Amt Poles White 115 cm

Atomic Amt Poles White 115 cm
Brand: Atomic
Color: White
Size: 115 cm
16.99 GBP 21.87 GBP
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Available In Different Color Combinations, The Atomic Amt Is A Seriously Hardy Ski Pole With A 60mm Piste Basket And Our Ergonomic Amt Grips - Designed For All-Mountain Skiing With Special Ridges For An Improved Grip. The Pole Itself Is Made From A Lightweight Aluminum Alloy, Keeping It Looking Great And Performing Perfectly Year After Year.Features:- 3* Aluminum Pole Technology- Ergonomic Amt Grip (1k)- Essential Strap- Piste Basket (60mm)- Steel Tip- Ergonomic M-Fit