Atomic 78 Skin Black 151

Atomic 78 Skin Black 151
Categories: Skis, Brands, Atomic, Skins
Brand: Atomic
Color: Black
Size: 151
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Our popular Rocker Skins feature trademark separate glide and grip zones, and special hybrid glue that gives the skins stronger hold at low temperatures and makes them easier to handle and maintain.Features:ROCKER SKINS:- GLIDE ZONE: The zone in the tip-rocker is made from ski-base material. The result is better gliding and less friction when tracking in powder.- GRIP ZONE: The zone in the ski-camber area is made from 100% Mohair. It provides an extra strong grip in all snow conditions.- LIGHTWEIGHT: Rocker Skins are 10% lighter than regular skins and reduce water saturation, making climbing and carrying easier.EASY HANDLING:- Hybrid glue makes handling your skins a hundred times easier. They are easier to attach and detach.And you don’t even need to renew the glue - just wash your skins and the glue renews itself.EASIER TRIM & FIT:- Our Trim & Fit system makes trimming MultiFit and StraightFit skins quick and easy, with features like cut lines for different ski lengths. We also offer regularhigh-quality Hybrid PreFit skins for our Backland and Backland UL series, made from 100% Race Mohair.Specifications:- 70% Mohair-Mix- PreFit Cut