Atk Race Rt Lightweight 2 0 75 Mm Ski Touring Bindings Blue,Black

Atk Race Rt Lightweight 2 0 75 Mm Ski Touring Bindings Blue,Black
Brand: Atk Race
Color: Blue,Black
Size: One Size
423.99 GBP
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Cool design matched to performance. The lightweight version of the RT 2.0, is the touring binding dedicated to the youngest and the fair sex.No other bindings companiers dedicated such a volume of attentions to the lightweight users : softer toe hooking, gentle and ergonomic fron leverages, lower side and front release value on the heel part.The technical endowment is just impressive, with a featherweight of just 290 grams, this binding offers all the features needed to face a comfortable and safe ski-touring day in the backcountry:- Integrated and easily removable SKI-BRAKES ( available sizes 75,86,91,97 mm ).- A new uphill toe locking hardness variation system ( U.H.V. UphillHardnessVariator ) which grants the correct boot clamping energy for each user.- Easy Entry System: the new toe geometry which grants an intuitive and lightning boot step-in, even with visibly worn boot soles.- R01 Adjustment Plates ( new lighter design ): integrated with the heel, provides an heel adjustment range of 30 millimeters, making it possible to fit into the binding with different size boots ( up to 3 sizes ).- HEEL FLAP WITH RAISER: an intuitive heel flaps system which provides 3 different walking modes: FLAT MODE, + 36 mm and +50 mm .- CAM RELEASE SYSTEM ( ADJUSTABLE RELEASE 4-8) : a cam system with drives the Vertical release ( My ) of the binding in case of fall, extremely precise and reliable, at the same time very light and with contained dimensions.-ROTATIONAL SYSTEM ( ADJUSTABLE RELEASE 4-8): this patented system provide the side release ( Mz ) adjustment, which confers to the RT|2.0 the typical skiing stability and torsional rigidity which made the ATK bindings a must in the ski touring market.The lightness and precision keys of this binding, 100% Made in Italy such as any other product of the ATK range, lies on the highly-researched productive system: 95% of the components are realized by full metal at the ATK productive plant in Fiorano Modenese ( Modena, ITA ) with the masterly use of the most advanced C.N.C. machineries ( milling and turning ), as guarantee of a millesimal accuracy of the coupling between the various components ( absolute feet impulses transmission ), and a sensational lightness, granted by the use of aeronautical alloys ( mostly ALU 7075 ) which provide similar mechanical specifics to steel, with a way reduced weight.