Arva Probe Access 240 Probe Silver 240 cm

Arva Probe Access 240 Probe Silver 240 cm
Brand: Arva
Color: Silver
Size: 240 cm
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Equipped with the FLASH LOCK locking system, the ACCESS 240 probe is reliable, lightweight, and will work for most off-piste and backcountry enthusiasts. The cone inserts at the end of each tube segment and the pull handle make deploying this probe quick and easy in emergency situations.Features:- 2.40m probe when fully deployed, 6 segments 40cm long- 11mm diameter tubes- Strong and durable 7075 aluminum tubing- Ultra-lightweight polyamide tension cord- Flash Lock locking system uses a quick and effective knot to lock your probe when deployed- The pull handle makes it easy to deploy and tension the probe and snaps conveniently onto the main tube- Cone inserts make it easy to assemble the tube segments- Precise markings on probe indicate snow depth- Pouch with printed step-by-step avalanche rescue instructionsSpecifications:- Weight: 190 gr