Anon Mfi® Fleece Balaclava Blue Man

Anon Mfi® Fleece Balaclava Blue Man
Categories: Brands, Anon
Brand: Anon
Color: Blue
Size: One Size
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This helmet-compatible fleece hood includes an integrated MFI-compatible neck warmer for seamless coverage to keep you warm and on the mountain through varied weather.The Anon MFI® Fleece Helmet Hood is sized for over-the-helmet wear and offers seamless coverage from wind, sun, and cold with a magnetic connection that seals the face mask to MFI-compatible Anon goggles.Stretchy fleece fabric is breathable to prevent fogging and soft like a hooded sweatshirt for maximum warmth.The magnets in this balaclava are easily removed for machine washing or when you choose to wear it with non-MFI goggles.Features:Relaxed fit provides unrestricted mobility.Roomy design fits over a helmet.Stretch fleece fabric with adjustable drawcord.Compatible with the M3, M2, Relapse, Relapse Junior, and the (all new) Tracker 2.0.The M4 and Sync Goggles require the (gray) XL carrier for optimal fit.Machine washable.