Amplifi Tri Blade Clear

Amplifi Tri Blade Clear
Categories: Brands, Amplifi
Brand: Amplifi
Color: Clear
Size: One Size
7.49 GBP
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An essential item for rewaxing your rig. Plexiglass blade with 0,3 cm thickness and a notch.Reduce Recycle Reuse - Secondary raw materials as a source of raw materials Primary raw materials, i.e. natural resources, are limited!By recycling, we obtain secondary raw materials for our packaging without having to use primary raw materials. This is important because the more secondary raw materials are used, the less primary raw materials have to be used.For the packaging of our accessories, we use blister packaging made of recycled PET. The cardboard packaging is made of uncoated and recycled cardboard. Product information is only printed with a single-color print, without any finishing, to enable further recycling.Specifications:- Weight: 0,045 kg