Amplifi Sleeve Grom Black S

Amplifi Sleeve Grom Black S
Categories: Brands, Amplifi
Brand: Amplifi
Color: Black
Size: S
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The elbow sleeve grom gives little ripper super-streamlined shielding against bumps and bruises. we’ve kept it simple: a reduced-to-the-max lightweight design with nice flexy fabric and an articulated guard. that’s it. that’s all. easy to slip on and off. doesn’t cramp your style.Specifications: - Weight: 95g- Primary Material: 70% Nylon, 25% Chloroprene Rubber, 5% PoylesterTechnology:- Body Map Construction: Body Map Construction is based on the latest anthropometric and ergonomic data, 3D body scans and advice from top sports scientists and injury specialists.- Articulating Design: Our Articulating Design concept is inspired by nature to give you total freedom of movement without compromising your safety and comfort.- 3D Panels: 3D Panels are thermoformed from EVA and elastane. They are lightweight and comfortable on long hikes or super-steep runs in any weather.