Alpina Prolan Protector Vest Grey S

Alpina Prolan Protector Vest Grey S
Categories: Brands, Alpina
Brand: Alpina
Color: Grey
Size: S
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In Places Where Everything Is White In Winter. Where The Hillsides Are Steep And We Pursue Our Favourite Leisure Activities, Making Sparks Fly In The Snow, Sheep Graze In The Summer. Big Sheep, Little Sheep, White And Black. They All Have One Thing In Common: Wool. A Sustainable Resource That Has Not Only Protected People From The Cold For Generations. But Was A Valuable Commodity And Still Is Among Mountain Folk. Over The Last Several Years, Wool Has Been Ousted By Synthetic Brics As The Material For Sports Gear. Now The Warming. Protective. Natural And Sustainable Good Is Seeing A Revival.- The Developers Of Alpina Have Worked With Lavalan, A Bavarian Wool Producer Near Oinkels-I.Ihl To Create Something Unique: Prolan’’’. Wool That Protects. Not Just From Cold, Bad Smells And Plastic In The Sea. Prolanty Is Sheep’s Wool That Has Been Processed In Such A Way That It Possesses Damping Properties Beyond The Functionality Of Conventional Protectors. It May Sound Unbelievable At First, But It Has Been Tested And Confirmed By Tov In A Number Of Tests. The New Alpina Protector With Prolan’h Fulfils Norm 1621-2 Level 1. Prolan’y Is An Innovation The Likes Of Which Haven’t Been Seen In The Sports Industry For A Long Time.