Alpina Grand Helmet Junior White 51-54 cm

Alpina Grand Helmet Junior White 51-54 cm
Brand: Alpina
Color: White
Size: 51-54 cm
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The design of the ALPINA GRAND is a spin-off of the grown-up version of the GRAND - while still its own creation. With these, mothers, fathers, daughters and sons can head onto the slopes sporting the same look but individual designs. And they’ll all appreciate the comfort of the GRAND. A high-quality interior that can be removed and washed, an active ventilation system and a warming neck protector ensure maximum comfortable skiing fun. In the event of impact, the Ceramic Shell combined with Hi-EPS provides protection. Production using the inmold method makes the GRAND safe and sturdy yet lightweight.Features:- Proven ALPINA design for optimal fit- Unique design developed from Grand for adults- Maximum comfort thanks to the high-quality interior designSpecifications:- Weight: 394 Gram- Area of application: allmountainTechnologies:Ceramic Shell:- All Alpina helmets manufactured using the inmold process are fitted with a robust ceramic shell. A polycarbonate plate is stretched under intense heat onto the shape of the helmet in the making and pressed onto the Hi-EPS body under high pressure and thermally bonded to it. The Ceramic shell is characterized by several qualities: It is impact- and scratch-resistant, UV-stable and antistatic.Ergomatic: - Proven a hundred thousand times over and used on all Alpina helmets: the strap buckle with the red push button and multi-step automatic locking mechanism. Ergomatic can be operated with one hand - you can loosen the strap on the way up the mountain and tighten it for downhill - and in a fall the locking mechanism cannot open automatically.Hi-EPS:- The inner shell of all Alpina helmets is made of Hi-EPS (High Expanded Polystyrene). The material has microscopically small air chambers that absorb the forces acting on the helmet in the event of an impact. Hi-EPS provides optimum protection and at the same time allows for extra-thin helmet wall as well as narrow helmet shapes.Inmold:- In the inmould production process, the polycarbonate upper shell is thermally bonded to the Hi-EPS inner shell of the helmet body under intense heat and pressure. This creates a large and inseparable connection between the upper and lower shell. Advantage: The helmet is very light and at the same time extremely stable.Run System Classic:- The Run System enables all Alpina helmets to adjust to a custom size by using an easy-to-move dial. The Run System Classic scores points for its price/performance ratio. It is a simple and sturdy wheel that holds the helmet securely in place where it belongs: on the head.Venting System:- Air vents ensure optimum air conditioning, air circulation and effectively prevent heat accumulation inside the helmet.Y-Clip:- A helmet can only provide the best possible protection if it remains in the optimum position in the event of an impact. The adjustment and fixing of the two straps under the ear plays a decisive role. The Y-clip system ensures a millimetre-accurate adjustment - in a matter of seconds.