Alpina Double Jack Planet Q-lite Ski Goggles Blue Q-Lite Blue Spherical Lens/CAT2/M

Alpina Double Jack Planet Q-lite Ski Goggles Blue Q-Lite Blue Spherical Lens/CAT2/M
Brand: Alpina
Color: Blue
Size: Q-Lite Blue Spherical Lens/CAT2/M
95.99 GBP 122.51 GBP
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Never has an ALPINA goggle had a lower CO2 impact! All components of the DOUBLE JACK PLANET Q-LITE contain a sustainable component. This is unique. Body, lens and foams are made on the basis of bio-based oils. Recycled plastics such as fishing nets serve as the basis for straps and add-on parts. We are in love with the new DOUBLE JACK PLANET. In addition to the innovative, sustainable materials, the DOUBLE JACK PLANET has many proven ALPINA features. The Q-LITE lens enhances contrasts and thus sharpens the view when riding over the often contourless snow. The goggle frame is comfortable and has a well thought-out ventilation system. To prevent the ski goggles from slipping off the helmet, the stylish goggle strap has Skid Grip silicone inserts, is individually adjustable and particularly elastic.Features:- Low CO2 footprint thanks to sustainable construction.- Q-Lite enhances contrasts, makes colours appear richer and provides a sharper view- Fog-free thanks to Fogstop coating on the inside of the lens- Ideally ventilated interior- 100% UV-A, -B, -C protectionSpecifications:- Weight: 130 Gram- Width of glasses: 175 mm- Frame material: thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)- Filter category: S2Technologies:100% UV-A, -B, -C protection:- All Alpina lenses provide 100% UV-A-, -B-, -C-protection and thus guarantee excellent eye protection.Airframe Venting System:- Airframe venting is an intelligent ventilation system for ski goggles. Air vents at the sides and bottom with special foam covers allow a continuous movement of air within the body of the goggles. This circulation of air disperses moisture preventing the lens from misting up.Comfort Frame:- The Comfort Frame is designed in such a way that it adapts perfectly to the shape of the face thanks to the flexible plastic webbing in the forehead and cheek area. The result: an ergonomic fit that ensures the best possible comfort and prevents pressure marks. At the same time, the ski goggles are perfectly finished.Double Lens Thermoblock:- With Doublelens Thermoblock, an air chamber is created between the two lenses to prevent a cold bridge. As a result, the view is fog-free and always optimal.Fogstop:- All Alpina ski goggles have a Fogstop coating. This is not smooth but rough - on a microscopic level. This prevents moisture from forming a closed layer. So the lens doesn’t fog up and the view remains clear. Mirror:- Mirror is a lens on which multiple reflective layers are applied. They provide protection from harsh glares and infrared light. Mirror is not only the feature of a highly functional lens, it’s an element of style.over the glasses (OTG):- Over the Glasses are designated as the glasses you can wear over normal vision aids. They are designed to allow enough room inside and space on the sides for a glasses frame.Skid Grip:- Skid Grip is a special rubber coating on the inside of the eyewear strap. They prevent the ski goggles from slipping on the mostly smooth surface of the ski helmet.Spherical Lens:- The Spherical Lens is spherically domed, providing much better panoramic vision. The enlarged volume inside also optimises climate management inside the goggles. Thermoblock and Fogstop effectively prevent the ski goggles from fogging up.