Understanding Cross Country Skiing a Bit More

  • 29 Jun, 2022

Cross Country Skiing

When the wintertime comes around, there isn’t too much available for people to do. Some might go for a female hair transplant, whereas others might prefer staying in bed with a book. But there’s so much more out there to enjoy – especially when there’s snow!

While sledding is a big favourite amongst communities, one of the biggest activities is cross country skiing. This is an activity that attracts people of all ages.

What is Cross Country Skiing?

The sport of cross country skiing involves traversing snow-covered terrain with your own locomotion, rather than using ski lifts or other means of assistance. Some people still use cross-country skiing as a means of transportation, despite its popularity as a sport.

Cross-country skiing can be performed on a variety of terrain ranging from unimproved, sometimes mountainous terrain to groomed courses designed just for the sport.

Cross Country Ski Gear

While not all ski gear is identical, if you’re new to cross country skiing then the following will give you a better understanding of what to expect

• Grip/Kick Zone: On the underside of your skis you’ll have what is known as a grip zone or even kick zone. This is an area that is patterned and the purpose of it is to help you stick to the snow when you move forward.

• Boots: Upon flipping your skis upright, you will be able to see a crosswise groove in the front of the binding. This mates with a thin bar in the toe of your ski boots. You click into the skis by pressing the toe bar into the groove.

When it comes to the release mechanisms for freeing your boot to the binding, they do vary. Some will require you to push a button at the binding’s front, whereas others will require the twisting of a knob.

• Poles: Your ski poles will have a strap at the top where you will need to slide your hand into from the bottom. After this, you can grip the top of the strap along with the pole.

• Glop stopper wax: This is one of the most popular skin waxes on the market. It improves your glide and prevents snow from getting stuck on your skis.

Apart from these very basic items you’ll need to understand, there are a few other things you should remember to pack into your gear:

• Sunglasses
• Buff
• Ski Suit
• Ski Gloves
• Cross Country Ski Jacket
• Cover Pants
• Ski Vest

Nordic Vs. XC Skiing

You may have heard of the term Nordic skiing but never really knew what it meant. Perhaps the same goes for XC skiing. XC skiing is the shortened form of cross country skiing. So, what is Nordic skiing and what’s the difference between that and cross country skiing? Well, Nordic skiing is the exact same thing as XC skiing. There is no difference between the two, it’s just another term for it.

The Best Places To go Cross Country Skiing

While you can go skiing in most countries, there are two that stand out as the best – Sweden and Norway. If you choose to go cross country skiing in Sweden, then Idre Fjäll should be at the top of your list! Idre Fjäll is within driving distance from not only Oslo but Stockholm too! There are 80km of XC skiing trails with beautiful scenery.

Another great trail that is open from October until Spring is Dundret in Swedish Lapland. You can choose from various trails on the mountain, with one of their most famous trails lopping the entire base of the mountain.

If a winter wonderland is what you’re searching for, then Yllas in Finnish Lapland comes highly recommended. Go at the right time and see snow-covered trees, some curious reindeer and the beautiful northern lights.

If a good workout is what you’re searching for, then why not try one of the country trails at Lillehammer in Norway. All their trails together span well over 450km! They offer various terrains and trails for all-level skiers.

Ski Ya Later!

Cross country skiing is a great recreational sport that keeps you fit. Along with this, you also get to witness some of the most beautiful sceneries around the world. So why not get your ski gear sorted and head off to Sweden for the cross-country ski trip of your life!