Yes. Optimistic Snowboard 151 Scott Clum

Yes. Optimistic Snowboard 151 Scott Clum
Brand: Yes.
Color: Scott Clum
Size: 151
519.99 GBP
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A mid-wide waist width coupled with an aggressive sidecut and UnderBite sets you up for a turning experience like no other. Response, stability and edge hold on every snow condition. Floats better than anything this side of a 420. Enjoy the shorter swing weight by riding it a few cm’s shorter than your normal board and you will unlock this board’s true versatility.Specifications:- Board Length (cm): 151- Surface Area (dm2): 40.5- Tip Length (cm): 31.2- Tail Length (cm): 15.2- Effective Edge Length (cm): 116.6- Contact Length (cm): 104.6- Waist Width (cm): 25.6- Tip Width (cm): 30.7- Tail Width (cm): 30.1- Rocker / Camber (mm): C4- Sidecut (m): 6.2- Ref. Point (cm): 53.3- Ref. Point (in): 21- Ref. Stance Setback (mm): 0- Min Ref. Stance Width (cm): 47.3- Min Ref. Stance Width (in): 18.6- Max Ref. Stance Width (cm): 59.3- Max Ref. Stance Width (in): 23.4- Rider Weight (lbs): 130-180- Rider Weight (kg): 59-82Optimistic Tech:- RIDERS: Half the Masters Banked Slalom racers- SHAPE: Directional- OUTLINE: UnderBite- CORE: Carbon PowerDrive 2.0- GLASS: TriaxBase Materials:Sintered True:- Just like it says. Pellets or course powder is pressed until it forms a solid. There are several suppliers for our entire industry and they each have different codes for them, depending on the color and transparency. These codes can make it seem like you’re getting many different kinds and grades of sintered but they’re all pretty much the same as far as you and I will ever tell. True Sintered is harder and more expensive than extruded and it can be faster for those that ride aggressively fast. But to do that, it needs to be waxed and prepared for local conditions.Technology:Outline Underbite:- UnderBite edges re-distribute a rider’s weight in such a way that it enhances turning ease and edge hold. Creating divots inward at the binding area reduces and disrupts the surface area of the edge that has contact with the snow while the board is turning. This increases the edge pressure by distributing your weight/energy in the areas where you need it - from the binding out, and through the center of the board where the carving arc is taking place. This segmentation of the sidecut into 3 key zones focuses your body weight onto areas that initiate, hold and release turns.Carbon Powerdrive 2.0:- Evolving over the years, the PowerDrive core is always about maximizing the power and energy of any given shape. The Optimistic begins with the same light, snappy Poplar and Bamboo core featured on the Standard and Ghost. We then mill two custom programmed channels about 30mm in from the edge, running parallel to and matching the sidecut dimensions. Inserted into these channels are pre-bent bamboo stringers wrapped in carbon. The end result is a highly responsive core that precisely matches and compliments the outline of each board. From intuitive turn initiation, solid edge hold and explosive release, the PowerDrive core is constantly active.