Siroko H1 Attika Goggles Clear/CAT0 Turquoise

Siroko H1 Attika Goggles Clear/CAT0 Turquoise
Brand: Siroko
Color: Turquoise
Size: Clear/CAT0
26.99 GBP 85.27 GBP
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The new H1 Attika were designed to redefine your limits and show you what you’re truly capable of. Developed with the latest Siroko technology, their cylindrical PC lenses guarantee optimal visibility and total protection from wind, mud and foreign objects. They have anti-fog treatment and anti-scratch coating. Their TPU frame is extremely light and allows an easy interchange of the lenses. The protective foam provides maximum comfort and perfect air circulation. They have an elastic anti-slip strap to give the helmet the best fit possible. Live every moment on your bike in a true utopia.