Dainese R001 Fiber Helmet M Black

Dainese R001 Fiber Helmet M Black
Brand: Dainese
Color: Black
Size: M
201.99 GBP
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The R001 line was created to provide World Cup athletes with the most advanced technology in terms of performance, endurance and ergonomics. Maximum freedom of movement together with heightened safety, for the achievement of increasingly ambitious goals. The R001 FIBER is the fiberglass helmet inspired by the protection used by World Cup athletes. The shell is made entirely of fiberglass, lightweight, durable, and molded for aerodynamic performance at the sides and upper front. Together with the thick EPS inner shell, this construction exceeds the strictest CE, ASTM and FIS homologation standards. The interior comprises the Rabbit system and precious Shalimar fabric, anti-bacterial and anti-odor, as well as highly breathable and enveloping. The ear sections, with details in nylon and fiberglass, are designed to eliminate any rustling or secondary sound, allowing the athlete to fully concentrate during every phase of the performance. The micrometric closure guarantees the greatest possible precision and safety. Featrue: - Goggles fastening system- Micrometric chin strap closureSpecifications:- 100% EPS Inner shell- 100% Fiberglass Shell- 100% Shalimar Rabbit Liner