Briko Gara Ew Extra Warm Mittens 10 Black

Briko Gara Ew Extra Warm Mittens 10 Black
Categories: Brands, Briko
Brand: Briko
Color: Red,Black
Size: 10
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Top of the range kids’ racing mitt made of letaher nylon polyurethane and neoprene. Hands are guaranteed to be kept warm for long periods of time thanks to the increased extra warm Thinsulate® insulation and the inner fur lining. Thermoplastic resin knuckle protection with customised Briko design. Fingers are protected by Rubber Tech material and the glove palm is enhanced by a Super Grip print which gives the glove maximum surface grip. Neoprene strap wrist closure with details and stitching in contrasting colours and customised embroidery.Specifications:COMPOSITION:- Lining: Polyester 100%- External: Leather 60%, Nylon 30%, Poliuretane 10%,- Padding: Poliuretane 100%