Blizzard Zero G 095 Touring Skis Orange 178

Blizzard Zero G 095 Touring Skis Orange 178
Brand: Blizzard
Color: Orange
Size: 178
510.99 GBP 625.67 GBP
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Zero G 95 has a first drop in the highest and largest online world:Couloir Lhotse in the Himalayas of Nepal.Ski mountaineers Hilaree Nelson and Jim Morrison asked the Zero G 95 Blizzard when they set out to reach the top of the peak of 27.940 feet, and in fact, skis down to the pair safely, not to mention the twists of snow at high altitude they scored! Your adventure in the field can be closer to home, but you can still reap the benefits of Austrian laingeniería offering the best downhill performance for weight.Carbon Drive 2.0 combined with ultralight wood core paulownia guarantee efficiency on the track.