Atomic Savor 100 Alpine Ski Boots 29.0-29.5 Black / Red

Atomic Savor 100 Alpine Ski Boots 29.0-29.5 Black / Red
Brand: Atomic
Color: Black / Red
Size: 29.0-29.5
219.99 GBP
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The Atomic Savor 100 ski boot is the most supportive boot in the Savor Line. The first thing you’ll notice is it offers EZ Step-in - meaning you’ll never struggle to get into or out of your boots. Once this single-buckle boot is on, Speed Ratchet lets you tighten them quickly and easily with one motion. Prolite construction keeps this boot light and easy to move around in on the snow and off it, and the Energy Backbone helps direct every steering movement you make directly to your skis. For intermediate skiers who prioritize comfort day-in and day-out, the Savor boot is easy and convenient so you can have fun.Features:- Prolite- Energy Backbone- EZ Step-in- Speed Ratchet- 102mm Wide Convenience Last- Size Adjuster Included- Regular Cuff- Silver Liner- Dual Density Cantable Grip Pads- Speed Ratchet- 102mm Wide Convenience Last- Forward lean 13°- Shell Rotation 3°Power shift:- Power Shift independently adjusts forward lean to 13° or 15° or 17° and changes the feel of the initial portion of the boot’s flex. Using two screws yields a stiffer initiation for a more responsive feel, using one screw yields a softer initiation for a more forgiving feel.Free/lock 2.0 / 3.0:- These advanced Free/Lock mechanisms feature on all our touring boots, including Hawx Ultra XTD and Backland Ultimate. The magic is you can flick from ski to walk mode with one simple switch. In walk mode they offer an epic cuff movement. In ski setting you can choose 13°/15°/17° adjustable forward lean.Frictionless pivot:- Igus polymer bushings provide a completely natural movement for effortless ascents.Cross lace:- A new closure system used on Backland that wraps the foot from three points to hold it securely.Power shift race:- This is a new shim system unique to Redster: it enables racers to individually set their forward lean at either 16° or 18°, with T-shaped shims added to the back of the boot.Energy backbone:- The Energy Backbone is a reinforced, asymmetric backbone in our Hawx Ultra and Hawx Ultra XTD, providing extra strength for powerful skiing plus enhanced lateral energy transmission for better edge grip.Carbon spine:- For maximum power and minimum weight.Progressive race shell:- Our new Redster boots feature a special shell made from thicker, but softer material. This provides a more progressive flex and better damping, plus a more supple feel - making it easier to ski aggressively in all conditions and on all courses.Prolite:- Prolite is a way of building skis and boots that turns traditional thinking on its head. Instead of starting with a standard construction and cutting material away to save weight, Prolite does the opposite. It starts with the slimmest possible profile and then it builds up reinforcements in key areas where strength is needed - like the Energy Backbone down each boot spine and ski edge.True flex:- It’s common to hear that boots stiffen up when it gets cold, or become softer in warm conditions. True Flex is an exclusive Atomic shell material that means your flex and feel remains constant in a variety of temperatures. So the boot you buy in store feels the same on the mountain, you don’t lose horsepower in the spring and you don’t have a boot you can’t flex mid-winter.- All our liners feature an Asymmetric Liner Construction (ASY) with an asymmetric tongue, toe box, collar shape and high-quality lining materials. It’s the most anatomical construction on the market, and the best for supporting your feet while skiing.The Hawx range (Hawx Ultra, Ultra XTD, Prime and Magna) features our special Memory Fit 3D liner. This includes pre-shaped heel and ankle areas for an even better first fit and no hotspots - even after a hard day on the mountain.- Our Memory Fit 3D liner comes in Platinum, Gold and Silver grades. Our standard liner also comes in a Bronze grade. You’ll see these labels written on the tongue. As our liners go up from Bronze to Platinum they provide the firmer fit better skiers need. They also become longer lasting, warmer and more personalizable.Memory fit 3d:- Memory Fit 3D is our special liner featuring pre-shaped thermoformable heel and ankle areas, which creates a snug anatomical fit around the heel and ankle for a better foot hold. So there are no pressure points when you put the boot on for the first time. Then for continuous comfort we’ve given the liner a 1-piece toe box that precisely follows the shape of the shell and surrounds the foot with comfortable foam. Also included are special footbeds that have the best blend of initial cushioning and proper support. And finally it’s 100% Memory Fit compatible.Firmer fit:- The number one thing for first timers and intermediate skiers is to have boots that fit comfortably. As skiers get better, that fit can get firmer and more responsive. Our liners support that progression, with firmer foam and higher-performance liner textiles as our boots go up in flex numbers.Warmer:- From Silver upwards many of our liners feature 3MTM ThinsulateTM, the world’s best-known insulation. This means you get ThinsulateTM on Hawx Ultra, Hawx Prime, Hawx Magna and Live Fit. We’ve also added it to all our Kids boots, as little feet get colder quicker.Longer lasting:- The pre-shaped heel and ankle areas in our Memory Fit 3D liner mean the liner maintains its great fit longer. And to make sure the fit of our standard liners lasts for a long time as well we add Dynashape foam: Silver has Dynashape on the ankles, Gold on the ankles and sides, and Platinum on ankles, sides and tongue.More personalizable:- All liners have Memory Zones that are heat moldable for a personalized fit. These zones are on the ankle (1), side (2) and tongue (3) - with the zones corresponding to the liner level.Dynashape:- Dynashape is a revolutionary foam that not only instantly adapts to the shape of the foot but it also provides a longer lasting fit at the same time.3m™ thinsulate™ isolierung:- We’re working in partnership with 3M to create the warmest ski boots ever made with 3MTM ThinsulateTM Insulation. It works like this: the more air a material traps in a given space the greater its insulating value. The microfibers in 3MTM ThinsulateTM Insulation are far finer than any other fibers, which means they trap more insulating air in less space, even when wet. This keeps feet warm and responsive even in extremely cold and damp conditions.Live fit:- Live Fit is a special adaptive zone we put on the lateral and medial sides of some of our boots. When you put the boot on, these zones instantly adapt to your forefoot shape and continuously readapt throughout the day for instant comfort, improved feel, better blood flow, warmer toes and happier feet.Memory fit:- Atomic Memory Fit is one of the quickest heat-fitting technologies around. The key is Memolink, our special additive that improves the moldability and stretch characteristics of our plastics. Thanks to this, all three elements of the boot can adapt to the foot - shell, cuff and liner. Expansion can be up to 6mm in forefoot width and up 10mm in ankle width, resulting in a permanent and complete anatomical fit in minutes.