Atomic Redster Rs Poles 110 Red / Black

Atomic Redster Rs Poles 110 Red / Black
Brand: Atomic
Color: Red / Black
Size: 110
41.99 GBP 76.73 GBP
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If You Need One Versatile Racing Pole For Whatever Type Of Racing You’Re Doing, Atomic Redster Rs Is A Great Choice. The Lightweight Shaft Is Made With 5* Aluminum Pole Technology, Featuring Best-Grade 7075 Aluminum With A Super High-Tensile Strength That Isn’T Going To Break If It Gets Knocked About. It Has A 2-Component Ergonomic Redster Grip (2k) For A Firm Hold At Speed And It’S Tipped With A 40mm Race Basket That’S Ideal For Hard Pack.Features:- Pro Strap- Ergonomic Redster Grip (2k)- 5* Aluminum Pole Technology- Race Basket (40mm)- Steel Tip- Ergonomic M-Fit- Redster Strap