Atomic Hybrid 85 Skin 165 White

Atomic Hybrid 85 Skin 165 White
Brand: Atomic
Color: White
Size: 165
117.49 GBP 144.51 GBP
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These Atomic Hybrid Skins perfectly match our Atomic Backland / Backland W and Backland UL 85 skis. The two sizes of skins fit our 179cm and 165cm-length Backlands perfectly - and fit to all other sizes with a simple, single cut. They use 100% Mohair for a strong grip and smooth glide, and feature easy-to-handle Hybrid Glue 2.0 that keeps your skins from sticking together and renews with a quick wash with a Hybrid cleaning kit.Features:- Prefit Cut- 100% Mohair- Hybrid Glue 2.0