Atomic Amt Poles Junior 80 Red

Atomic Amt Poles Junior 80 Red
Brand: Atomic
Color: Red
Size: 80
17.99 GBP
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Our Atomic AMT JR is an ideal pole for any serious young skier looking to get to the next step. It’s made of high-grade lightweight aluminum. It also has our elastic kids strap, which is easier to put on - and easier to take off after a fall. Plus our special junior grip and junior round basket.Specifications:- Shaft: 3* Aluminum Pole Technology- Grip: Ergonomic JR Grip (1K)- Strap: Elastic Kids StrapTechnology:- 3* Aluminum Pole Technology: 3* Aluminum poles are our standard quality poles made from high-grade aluminum with hightensile strength.- Elastic Kids Strap: Our elastic Kids Strap is especially easy to put on and take off. Little hands will also slip out automatically in a fall, making it safer to ski with.- Ergonomic JR Grip (1K): An ergonomically shaped junior grip giving little hands a firm hold.