Atomic Amt Carbon Poles Black 110 cm

Atomic Amt Carbon Poles Black 110 cm
Brand: Atomic
Color: Black
Size: 110 cm
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Atomic AMT Carbon is specially designed for all-mountain skiing - with an Ergonomic AMT Grip that has special ridges for a more secure hold. The poles themselves are made from 4* Carbon so they’re light, rigid and hardwearing, with an easy to use adjustable strap.Specifications:- Shaft: 4* Carbon Pole Technology- Grip: Ergonomic AMT Grip (1K)- Strap: Essential Strap- Basket: Piste Basket (60mm)Technology:- Ergonomic AMT Grip (1K): An ergonomically shaped grip for All Mountain skiing, with special ridges for improved grip.- 4* Carbon Pole Technology: 4* Carbon poles are our standard quality carbon poles - very durable, rigid and light.- Essential Strap: Easy-to-use strap with size adjustment.