Arbor Acacia S-M Peach

Arbor Acacia S-M Peach
Brand: Arbor
Color: Peach
Size: S-M
141.99 GBP 170.53 GBP
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ACACIA BindingThe Acacia offers all-terrain maneuverability, comfort, and feel on all levels. Its refined engineering and value bring progression and performance into unison. The Acacia introduces a uniform, single-mold baseplate and heel cup with a comfy, newly designed ergonomic, pre-curved ankle strap for a lightweight, seamless board feel. Enjoy a more fuss free engagement with toe and ankle Bow Straps designed to keep the foot tray clear upon boot entry. We are proud to offer our tested technical design true to performance, value, and craftsmanship with the brand-new Acacia.Features:- Lightweight Single Mold Baseplate.- Bow Strap integration enabling user-friendly in and out.- Adjustable EVA Footbed.- 2.5 Degree Canted Footbed enabling natural foot/knee position.- Low Profile Asymmetrical Highback.- Snapback Aluminum Ankle and toe ratchets.- Toolless Ankle and Toe strap adjustments.- Universal 4x4 Disk enabling micro adjustments.- Textured Stretch single-durometer Ankle Strap.