Anon Wm1 Sonar Lens Refurbished Green

Anon Wm1 Sonar Lens Refurbished Green
Brand: Anon
Color: Green
Size: One Size
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Refurbished reasons: Has a small discolored spot on the left sideDETAILS:Magna-Tech® - WM1:- WM1 Magna-Tech™ boasts 14 rare-earth magnets for seven secure points of connection, each with a pull force of 2.75 lb. (total retention=19.25 lb.). Features unsurpassed retention, coupled with best-in-class self-aligning engagement.ICT (Integral Clarity Technology):- Anon ICT (Integral Clarity Technology) anti-fog treatment delivers crystal clear vision, no matter what the elements throw at you. The porous cellulose inner lens surface coupled with our chemically etched ICT anti-fog treatment provides superior moisture shedding and longlasting clarity above and beyond standard acetate lenses. ICT works in tandem with full perimeter channel venting to evacuate warm, moist air from the lens area.Anon Spherical Lens Technology:- Our Spherical lens construction combines de-centered technology with lens curvature that mimics the curvature of the human eye for superior optics.VLT (Visible Light Transmission):- Anon offers a wide range of lens tints, covering the entire VLT (Visible Light Transmission) spectrum, from whiteout to bluebird conditions. Clear to mirrored Anon Solex™ lenses offer superior vision in all varieties of light. BLUEBIRD TINTS (6-29% VLT): Allows 6-29% of the sun’s light through the lens to your eye, providing optimal vision on bluebird/sunny days. PARTLY CLOUDY TINTS (30-54% VLT): Allows 30-54% of the sun’s light through the lens to your eye, providing optimal vision on partly cloudy days. GREYBIRD TINTS (55-85% VLT): Allows 55-85% of the sun’s light through the lens to your eye, providing optimal vision on cloudy/gray days.TRU-V™ Polycarbonate Lens:- All Anon lenses offer 100% UV protection and exceed ANSI Z87.1 impact test standards.Solex™:- Solex™ is anon’s proprietary base tint and mirror coating combination that reduces glare and improves contrast for increased depth perception in any terrain.Sonar Lens Technology by Zeiss:- Exclusively developed for snow sports by Anon and ZEISS, the NEW SONAR lens increases depth perception and enhances contrast for the best possible definition while retaining true world colors.- Includes Anon WM1 Lens Case