Anon Greta 3 Mips® Helmet Woman M Purple

Anon Greta 3 Mips® Helmet Woman M Purple
Brand: Anon
Color: Purple
Size: M
93.49 GBP
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Winter resort laps or summertime on wheels, this classic shape offers MIPS crash technology and hassle-free comfort for snow and street.Skate-inspired and snow ready, the Anon Greta 3 MIPS® Helmet is multi-season certified.MIPS (Multidirectional Impact Protection System) reduces angled impact forces for increased crash safety.Its hardshell design offers everyday durability, and our auto-adjust fit design provides a snug, hassle-free fit.The ear pads are audio-compatible and removable.Use them on cold days or remove them for spring sessions or summer season wear.Features:Weight:490g.Endura® shell construction features an injection-molded ABS exterior for long-lasting durability and ding-resistant strength.Passive ventilation channels integrated into the helmet draw fresh air in the front and pull moisture out the back.Multidirectional Impact Protection System (MIPS) is a revolutionary technology that mimics the brain’s own protection system with a low friction layer that lets the helmet slide relative to the head.Auto-adjust fit system features an elastic closure in the rear of the helmet that dynamically flexes around the wearer’s head for a perfect fit.Classic fleece on liner and ear pads provides optimal warmth and comfort.Compatible with audio accessories.